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I’ve been enjoying Donna’s work for over a year now. Her depth of knowledge in so many aspects of women’s anatomy, fertility, and her mastery of various massage therapy techniques are invaluable to her practice. The level of care she provides is unlike any other offered in the Triangle area. She is a true asset to our community of mothers and mothers-to-be.

I first started seeing Donna for prenatal massage therapy, and I believe her work helped my body relax into pregnancy, achieve balance, and prepare for the delivery of a beautiful baby girl. Because of complications with my baby’s position in utero, I delivered via a cesarian section, so have been seeing her for post-partum Arvigo massage therapy sessions. She’s helping my body recover from the surgery by reducing damage from C-section scar tissue. She also taught me  daily self-care so that I can continue the healing at home. I also suffer from post-partum lower back pain, and Donna has taken extraordinary care and time to pinpoint the cause of the pain and help relieve it. She is a dedicated, thoughtful professional who goes to great lengths to expand her knowledge so that she can help me and other clients recover from specific issues.


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