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My second child was delivered by C-section and I found the recovery painful and lengthy. Five months post partum I was still experiencing abdominal discomfort and back pain when lifting or doing any exercise that engaged my lower abs and found the skin around my C-scar numb in some spots and super sensitive in others. I was surprised at how long my recovery was taking as I still wasn’t feeling much strength in my lower abdomen. I made an appointment with Donna Zubrod because a friend told me that she was offering therapy that could help with post C-section surgery recovery. Donna provided not only beneficial abdominal massage therapy, but also an educational experience for me in my post cesarean recovery. As she demonstrated and instructed me how to perform the Arvigo self care massage routine, I gained a valuable lesson in how to be mindful and responsive to my body. I now have more sensation on and around my incision site, an open and light feeling throughout my abdomen, and I am more aware of the incision scar tissue just under the skin and surrounding my uterus. I feel more in touch and in control of my ongoing recovery thanks to Donna’s expert advice and care. She also kindly directed me to additional exercises to help close my diastasis recti and help strengthen my abdominal muscles. Overall, I was extremely impressed with Donna’s knowledge of the Arvigo manual therapy, her interest in helping me with my specific needs, and her level of dedication to women’s wellness!


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