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I am an elderly post-menopausal woman who has been dealing with urinary incontinence for more than 10 years.  Over a year ago I noticed a protrusion in my vaginal area and the doctors determined that the protrusion was my vaginal wall.  After several visits to doctors and related tests, a pessary was recommended as the best option.  One was inserted and for 1 week I had no bladder control whatsoever which made my situation worse.  I had the pessary removed and was sure that I would deal with my urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse forever.  Some months later I learned of Donna Zubrod’s massage therapy practice that focused on women’s wellness.  Donna introduced me to Arvigo Abdominal Therapy.  She also instructed me in how to perform certain abdominal massage techniques myself and most importantly helped me understand what those techniques would do to improve my situation.  After 2 months I can state that my condition has improved measurably and still continues to improve.  I have relatively few issues of “leaking”, my vaginal prolapse has lessened, and my pelvic muscles have strengthened significantly.  I am grateful to Donna for her gentle care and sharing her knowledge in a very practical way.  I  recommend her to all who may have similar issues or who simply need some gentle help with feeling better about themselves.


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