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Donna J Zubrod, MSc, MBA, LMBT, CD(DONA)
NC license #7120

I am a nationally certified and NC state Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (license #7120).  I completed my massage therapy diploma studies at the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC, in 2006.   My ongoing  advanced training and certifications include the following treatment modalities, which I integrate as appropriate during my client sessions:


•   The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® for Reproductive and Digestive Health

•   Carole Osborne’s Advanced Pre and Peri-Natal Massage

•   Mercier Therapy for Women’s Optimal Pelvic Health

•   Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy & Fertility Massage

•   Integrative Neuromuscular Myofascial Technique

•   Medical Massage (Stephens)  & CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger)

I have helped couples with fertility challenges to successfully conceive, have nurtured and worked with expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy and postpartum, and have relieved clients from discomforts caused by stressful or active lifestyles, reproductive and digestive issues, traumatic accidents and surgeries.  Integral to supporting my clients’ health, I have been certified to teach Sensiplan® and other fertility awareness methods to either help avoid or achieve pregnancy. I consult with patients at Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility in Cary, NC, where I am employed as a fertility educator.

I have supported many clients at their birthing time and I have achieved and continue to maintain Birth Doula certification from DONA International.  Most recently I earned Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner status.

My private bodywork and healing practice centers around the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®Dr. Rosita Arvigo is my teacher and mentor.  I am a certified Arvigo® Therapy practitioner with advanced training in preconception wellness, fertility enhancement, and pregnancy.  I have assisted at many classes the Arvigo Institute offers and am certified to teach one day and 2.5 day Arvigo® Self-Care classes.  I recently co-edited a book with the Arvigo Institute – a compelling compilation of Arvigo® Therapy clinical case studies – Journeys in Healing: Inspiring Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and Their Clients.

I  enjoy supporting and educating couples towards having positive experiences and outcomes during the preconception wellness phase and throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.  I have participated in fertility awareness forums and presented to infertility support groups.  Many Bradley Childbirth student couples and Centering classes in the Triangle area have experienced my hands-on “Massage for the Expecting Couple” workshops where they learned how to use simple massage techniques to effectively relieve tension and discomfort while strengthening their connection to each other and their baby.  I have partnered with prenatal yoga instructors  in the Triangle area to offer  combined yoga and massage experiential workshops for expecting couples.  I also offer customized “Teaching 2Somes” sessions to pregnant couples at my Cary work studio.

Outside of the massage studio and when not teaching, I indulge in yoga, pilates and bellydancing.  I look forward to snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies every winter with my family.

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Why “seven generations” massage & birth?

Froseven generations sculpturem the Great Law of the Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy:

“In all of our deliberations we must be mindful of the impact of our decisions on the seven generations to follow ours.”

I happened upon a stunning sculpture while on an education mission in Montana entitled “Seven Generations”.  At the side of the sculpture was a cornerstone engraved with the above words.

It’s not just about massage and bodywork.  It’s about the lifestyle choices we make.  The wellness we experience today is the result of lifestyle choices our ancestors made and those we make for ourselves today.

Donna Zubrod at the seven generations sculpture

I was so moved both visually and spiritually that what I experienced at that moment became the inspiration for the name of my practice.

At the heart of working with my clients is educating them – wherever they happen to be on their life journey – so that they are more informed and feel more empowered to make better choices for themselves – to benefit their personal wellness today and the wellness of their generations that follow.

I look forward to working with you.                                               ~ Donna Z


When I came to Donna for prenatal massages at the beginning of my third trimester, I was waking up most nights with horrible leg cramps (sometimes so bad that I had to get out of bed and stretch my calves because flexing my foot wasn’t working) and tight hips which made my lower back muscles ache.  I would also occasionally wake up with numb arms.

Since working with Donna, I have had significantly less trouble with my leg cramps. They are much less frequent and I am now able to sleep more soundly. My hips have also really opened up – this has relieved much of the pressure in my low back and is also helping prepare my body for childbirth. I never wake up with numb arms anymore. The foot reflexology that Donna incorporates into the massage has even helped alleviate my constipation and sinus issues.

As a teacher, I am very conscientious about how I spend my limited funds. However, one of the best investments and most important things I have done for my pregnancy has been getting regular prenatal massages. It has been as important as exercise and eating well. The prenatal massages are a time to focus on my body and how each new phase affects my body as my baby grows and develops.

The massages are one of the highlights of my week. I am at such peace and feel so connected to my body; I feel stronger and more in control. The relaxation translates directly to my growing baby. During each session, I feel her gently rolling peacefully around. I can feel absolute contentedness emanating from her.

Prenatal massage has served as a perfect complement to my Bradley Method childbirth preparations. Donna has taught me many techniques to pass on to my husband-coach to help me relax and ease my tension. The work she has done to help open my hips allows me to practice squatting for deeper, longer periods of time more comfortably.

Most importantly, Donna has brought awareness to where I hold tension in my body during times of stress. She has shown me how I can manage that stress during labor and for the rest of my life. I have a clearer understanding and awareness of my body. I know why and where my body is holding tension and what I can do to relax rather than leaving it up to trial and error. Prenatal massage with Donna is one of the best decisions I have made and well worth every penny. 

Lesley Jane Mace Fisher

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